What to Expect

When you come to us with sore or painful feet, we will try our utmost to provide relief so that you can walk-out feeling comfortable and your feet should feel soothed!

We will initially take a medical history from you and find out what problems you are having with your feet.  We will discuss your diagnosis and agree a treatment plan with you.  During a routine treatment, we will tend to your nails, corns, callous and heels, and finish your treatment with application of a moisturising foot cream.  We will give you advice following your treatment and rebook another appointment if necessary.

Please allow 30 minutes for your first appointment, and don’t forget to remove your nail varnish before coming in to see us!  We would also be grateful if you would arrive 10 minutes early to complete a medical questionnaire, and please remember to bring in a list of any medication you are taking.

Please see our FAQ’s page to answer any other questions you may have about us or our treatments.